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Workplace Management for modern teams

Simplify Your Hybrid Office

Easily book desks, know who's in office, and improve team collaboration from one intuitive platform. Use your office data to realize the full potential of flexible work.

Easy desk booking in seconds

Automatically schedule for the correct seat or team area.

See your assigned seat or choose a flexible desk from your office map.

Know who's in office and where they're seated. Find your way from the interactive floorplan.

The information hub for your hybrid office

Give employees the tools and access they need to succeed

Increase collaboration and productivity with office scheduling, desk booking, visitor management, and safety tools in one integrated platform.

desk booking features

Easy Desk Booking, Interactive Floorplans, and Schedules

Your team can see who's in office and choose where they sit to improve productivity and collaboration. Book the right space in seconds from the Worksphere mobile app or any device.
office safety features

Prioritize your team's health and privacy

Empower your team to work safely together. Employees can provide proof of vaccination or do a daily symptom screening. Responses are private, secure and HIPAA compliant.

“ With Worksphere, our employees create their own schedules. I easily get a bird’s eye view of who’s in office, and with automated approvals, I can rest assured our space won’t be overbooked ”
Tran Luu, Allen Institute for Artificial Intellegence
Director of Operations

Our clients care about great workplaces for their people.

modern office management

Optimize your office for hybrid work

Access real-time data on capacity, employee status, and office usage. Worksphere helps you make smart decisions about your workplace needs now and for the future.

Easy team adoption

We know how hard it can be to implement new technologies. You can set up Worksphere in under an hour. Employees love our intuitive interface and mobile app.

Drive decisions with usage data

Proactively use workplace data to maximize the efficiency of your current space, rather than spending more on real estate. Know how much space you need based on employee behavior, not guesswork.

Integrates with your existing tools

Our library of third-party integrations lets you connect Worksphere to the tools your team uses every day, saving time and improving productivity.

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