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5 Things Startup Founders Should Know About Hiring Hybrid Teams

The popularity of hybrid work has changed the way many founders are approaching hiring. See startup founder Nate Matherson’s top tips for hiring a hybrid team. … Read More

Security Update on Log4j CVE-2021-44228

Worksphere is aware of the following Apache Log4j Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities. We have conducted a detailed investigation for these CVEs: CVE-2021-44228CVE-2021-45046 The Worksphere core platform runs on non-JVM (non-Java) based runtimes. At this time, we have identified no impact … Read More

image of a vaccination needle going into a cell

Everything You Need to Know About Employee Vaccination Records & Requirements

Are vaccine mandates allowed for workplaces? Should your company keep employee vaccination records? Read on for current guidance and regulatory requirements. … Read More

Five Crucial Questions for Your Employee COVID-19 Screening

Screening your employees for COVID-19 symptoms has become commonplace during the pandemic, but are you asking the right questions? … Read More

Maked group of employees in the office

Your Return-to-Office Training Guide

Your employees have been working from home, and your company is re-opening the office. What’s next? Use our Return-to-Office Training Guide to develop a comprehensive employee training for your company. … Read More

illustration of employees working outside of the office

Is the Flexible Workplace Here to Stay?

What are flexible workplaces? How do they benefit employees and businesses? Find out if this model is the right fit for the future of your company. … Read More

Worksphere Changelog

New updates and improvements. Your feedback is always welcome! Email: [email protected] September 14, 2022 Data Exports Global admins can now export all data from their Worksphere organization in a secure, downloadable .zip archive file. This archive provides a backup of all information … Read More

SB-1159 and AB-685 create new reporting requirements for workplaces

What You Need to Know about AB 685 and SB 1159

A Summary of California’s new COVID-19 mandates for Employers, and the changes your office needs to make today. … Read More

4 Simple Steps for Office Social Distancing

Maintaining distance is important for employee health, but how do you keep employees from falling back on their regular routines? Read on for 4 simple workplace social distancing recommendations. … Read More


What to include in your Return to Office Plan

Expert guidance on protecting your team’s health and safety when you return to your office. Get tips on updating your policies, workspaces, and determining who should be in office. … Read More