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Why We Created Worksphere

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, we were running Seattle’s leading corporate catering marketplace, Lish. We automated office meal programs for hundreds of offices. But with the onset of the pandemic most of our clients began working from home, and we were looking for opportunities to continue supporting them during this time.  

As a team we are interested in solving hard problems.  In speaking to our clients we learned that their main priority was planning a safe return to their offices, and preparing for the coming workplace changes. They told us that the existing tools they were using to support their teams – spreadsheets, calendar invites, emails, surveys, etc – fell short of what they needed.  

We had front row seats to the upcoming transformation to workplaces, and we decided to embark on a mission to help businesses create a safe and flexible workplace for the post-pandemic world.

We’re grateful to the many Office, HR, and Facilities Managers that advised us during the product development process. Their insights and feedback have been crucial in creating a software tool that supports a wide variety of business sizes, types, and industries.

The Future of Work

One thing is certain: Covid-19 has forever changed the workplace. Many employees are no longer expected to work from the office five days a week. According to a recent Adecco Group survey, 75% of employees say they prefer a split of office-based and remote working, and 8 out of 10 of C-level/executives believe that increased flexibility will benefit their business. Organizations are quickly adapting their spaces to meet this demand, and have the opportunity to rebuild a workplace that will benefit both business and their employees.

 8 out of 10 of C-level/executives believe that increased flexibility will benefit their business.

“Resetting Normal: Defining the New Era of Work”
The Adecco Group

Why Worksphere

At Worksphere, we are reimagining the future of work and creating an innovative path for our clients and the business community to easily transition from past norms to a smarter, more flexible workplace.  Employees can reduce their commute and come into the office when it’s most productive for them, for collaborative projects, or team building experiences. Businesses can benefit by following these in-office trends and adapt their real estate accordingly. Think about large cities like Los Angeles or New York – where office space typically costs businesses $10-12k per year per employee. Reducing the office size to reflect the actual needs of employees can lead to a substantial return on investment and a happier workforce. 

Companies also have the ability to expand their talent pool. Since in-office attendance is no longer a requirement, organizations can hire from anywhere across the globe. As businesses rebuild their workplaces, these are just a few of the many opportunities there are to improve outdated practices and the 5-day, 9-to-5 office structure. 

As we forge forward, the future of work is bright with possibilities. We are dedicated to helping businesses solve their biggest challenges, and proud to offer a platform that helps businesses safely welcome their employees into a flexible, empowering workplace.

Aakhil Fardeen

CEO at Worksphere

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