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Easy Desk Reservations for Hybrid Offices

Book a desk and see who's in office at a glance. Build a collaborative office where your teams can thrive.

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intuitive desk reservations

Help your team reserve the right desk in seconds

Reserve desks from anywhere

Let employees book desks from their computer or on-the-go with their mobile device.

Create seating permissions for teams

Control who as access to which desks around the office. Clearly show what is (un)available to your employees on your office map.

Reduce scheduling time

Conveniently set up one-time or recurring schedules on the same day or in advance

adaptable floorplans

Office maps and seating charts that are always up-to-date

Flexible or Assigned Seating

Develop a seating strategy that works for your people — flexible hotdesking or hotel desks, all assigned, or a blend of both.

Drag and drop desks

Add, remove, or move desks and designate assigned or flexible seating. Block seats that shouldn't be used.

Find your way around

New to your space? No worries. Help your team find their way to the right seat or area with an interactive floorplan of your office.

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Office Schedules Screen
maximize collaboration

See who's coming in and where they're seated

Is _______ in office today?

See who'll be in office and on which day. Smart filters help you view schedules by floor, team, or manager.

Know where people sit

No more out-of-date spreadsheets! Your modern seating chart shows where people are seated right from your map.

Search the employee directory

Help your team keep in touch with Worksphere's employee directory.


Adapt your office for hybrid work

Know how your office is being used

Access real-time data and report on capacity, employees in office, space utilization, and schedules.

Maximize existing space

Understand how your office is being used and identify ways to improve the space based on utilization over time.

Proactively plan for the future

How many desks does your company need? Use real employee data to drive decisions about your space as you grow.

Office Data Reports Screen

Ready to take your office to the next level?

Key desk reservation features

Everything you need for an efficient
hybrid office

Desk Hoteling

Reserve desks in advance for single days or on a recurring schedule.

Hot Desking

Give your team the flexibility to choose where they sit to improve productivity and collaboration.

Assigned Seating

Designate which seats are assigned to employees or groups. Easily view or update assignments as needed.

Interactive Floorplans

Select a desk and view where your teammates are seated from your mobile device or computer.

Zones by Team

Improve collaboration by designating areas of your office for teams or work styles.

Social Distancing

Create a safe environment by blocking seats that shouldn't be used or setting capacity limits.

See Who's in Office

Your team can easily view who's planning to be in so they can collaborate effectively.

Office Use Analytics

Improve your office layout and right-size your space with data on office usage..

Video calls don't always cut it

Bring people together for the type of team building and brainstorming that you can only get in person. Empower your team to use your office when they need it, and stop wasting your space.

Hybrid Office Resources

See how workplaces are evolving

Maked group of employees in the office

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