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We'll help you get back to a hybrid office

Simplify a safe return to a better office. Use one integrated tool that enables employees to schedule time in-office, with automated wellness surveys, contact tracing, capacity limits, and flexible desk reservations.
Feel confident knowing your team is empowered to return to work safely and that your company is prepared for the future of work.

Set safe capacity limits

Support your re-entry plans with capacity limits for each office, floor, or zone. We’ll automatically enforce these limits to avoid overcrowding. You can easily adapt your plans as local conditions or company priorities change.

Empower your team with scheduling tools

Enable employees to book their own in-office time, or authorize managers to create team schedules. Assign dedicated seats to each employee or share desks with flexible seating on a first-come, first-served basis.

Rapidly respond to risk

Quickly trace in-office interactions to identify possible points of exposure, and trigger immediate actions to minimize potential spread of illness.

Give your team the flexibility they require, without sacrificing the safe workplace they deserve

Wellness surveys

Prioritize your team's health and privacy

Send wellness surveys to employees scheduled to be in-office. Automate reminders and receive notifications when issues arise. Responses are private, secure and HIPAA compliant.
Final_Employee Survey Confirmation

Drive smart decisions backed by data

Access real-time data and report on capacity, employees in office, space utilization, and schedule requests. Understand how your office is being used to make smart decisions and improve your workplace now and in the future.

You're in Good Company

Worksphere is proud to help organizations of all sizes and industries manage their workforce and return to their offices safely.

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