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Office Safety Features for COVID-19 | Worksphere


Office Safety Features for the Modern Workplace

Bring your team together safely with automated health screening, contact tracing, and vaccine record tracking.

Employee Vaccine Record Screen
Track workplace immunity

Benefit from vaccine record management

Commit to employee wellness

Fast-track immunized employees for updated safety measures while maintaining the overall safety of your team.

Know your team's immunity status

Use real-time data on the COVID-19 immunity status of your workforce to drive workplace safety and meet regulatory requirements.

Reduce business risk and liability

Meet local and national regulatory requirements.

rapidly respond to exposure events

Contact tracing that doesn't just rely on memory

Quickly identify who was in touch

Trace in-office interactions to identify possible points of exposure at the click of a button.

Receive and send notifications

Give your team the security of knowing you can trigger immediate action and inform them of potential exposure.

Accurately report and track outcomes

Fast downloadable reports for leadership and regulators.

Office Safety Feature - Contact Tracing Screen
Health Screening Report
Wellness Surveys

Automate symptom screening

Compliance without manual work

Screen employees scheduled to be in-office for symptoms. Automate reminders in email or Slack, and receive notifications of any issues.

Adapt questions to evolving guidelines

Set up custom entry criteria and screening questions to reflect current recommendations and your office policies.

Private, secure, and HIPAA compliant

Stop using spreadsheets and survey tools that fall short of employee data security best practices.

Limit Capacity and manage seating

Ensure safe distancing

Block desks

Build safety into your floorplan by clearly displaying which desks can be used.

Enforce capacity limits automatically

Set capacity limits for each office, floor, or zone to avoid overcrowding.

Track desk usage

Reference where people have been and who was nearby. Download a daily list of areas that need cleaning or maintenance.

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Give your team the safe office they deserve.

Key OFFICE safety features

Everything you need to collaborate together safely

Custom Health Survey

Screen employees for COVID-19 symptoms before they arrive to work.

Vaccine Record Tracking

Securely track the immunity status of your workforce.

Employee In-Office Log

Easily download a report of who is in office in case of emergency.

Know Who has been Where

Reference and export a list of all desks that need cleaning.

Office Contact Tracing

Quickly identify who may have been exposed to sick employees.

Social Distancing

Create a safe environment by blocking seats that shouldn't be used.

Capacity Limits and Alerts

Enable social distancing through capacity limits and auto-enforcement.

Office Use Analytics

Improve your office layout and right-size your space with data on office usage.

COVID-19 Resources

Safely Return to a Hybrid Office

Maked group of employees in the office

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