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November 21, 2021

Wellness Survey CSV

Administrators can now download a CSV of employee wellness survey results to use in a spreadsheet.

OneLogin SSO

Support for Single Sign-On with OneLogin using SAML 2.0 has been added. See the OneLogin Setup Instructions on our Worksphere Knowledge Center for details.

Other Changes

  • Wellness survey failure notification emails to administrators now include the manager email for the employee.
  • We’ve fixed an issue where markers on floor maps sometimes were slightly cut off.
  • The full employee name is shown when clicking on a marker for an assigned seat in Organize Seats mode.

October 31, 2021

Happy Halloween! 👻

Weekly and Monthly Chart Options

We’ve added Weekly and Monthly chart options to the Employees In-Office report, so administrators can more easily see employee office usage trends over time:

Other Changes

  • After creating or editing a schedule from the schedules section, we’ll take you back to show the same week of schedules you were previously looking at, with the same filters. The filters and active week are no longer reset. That way, you can continue from wherever you left off on the schedules overview.
  • We’ve fixed up a minor visual issue where the Employees by Weekday chart’s min and max bars appeared strangely in some cases.

October 18, 2021

Duplicate Schedule Notifications

When creating or updating a schedule, we now alert you if any participant has existing schedules in the same location that overlaps with the schedule you are editing (or any of its future recurrences, if applicable). This change should help prevent accidentally double booking for the same day in your office. You may still proceed to create the overlapping schedule if you choose and we will not prevent you from doing so.

A banner now appears at the top of the schedule alerting you to those with overlapping schedules. Additionally, those participants will have a warning beneath their name on the schedule, which you can click to view their overlapping schedules.

Admin Dashboard

After completing all of your Worksphere setup tasks as an organization admin, the landing page now automatically navigates to your dashboard instead of the empty task list.

Schedule Calendar

You can now quickly view location details about any schedule on the schedules page. Hovering any schedule on the calendar will display a small popover dialog that includes the location reserved for that participant.

We’ve also added links to each employee’s name on the left side of the calendar, so you can easily view or edit that employee’s record when needed.

Other Improvements

  • After hearing your feedback, we’ve rolled back a recent change to the floor map editor which had added assigned employee names to the seat labels on the map. You can still see who is assigned to each seat by viewing the right hand panel within the map editor.
  • We’ve added some hints to the employee form to indicate which fields are required to save your employee, and which fields are needed to send an email invitation to your employee.
  • You can now search the employees page and the employees-in-office report by seat names.

September 27, 2021

Vaccination Status Report

If your organization uses the vaccination tracking feature, you can now view vaccination statistics about your organization with the new Vaccination Status Report. Within this new report, you can:

  • See a chart displaying the percentages of employees who have reported they are 1) fully vaccinated, 2) unvaccinated, or 3) have not yet reported their vaccination status.
  • View a table summarizing each employee’s vaccination status, including the date of their final dose, the date they reported their status, and links to photos of their uploaded vaccination cards.

Other Improvements

  • In the floor map editor, employee names now link to their employee record for easy viewing and updating.
  • When changing seats for a schedule, selecting a new office now automatically selects the first floor (alphabetically) of the new office. Previously, the displayed floor map did not update until a new floor was selected, even though the office had changed.
  • We’ve improved the experience of updating employee email addresses. Now, updating an email address automatically sends a Worksphere invitation to the updated address, and the updated address is connected to your organization when the invitation is accepted.

Bug fixes

  • We’ve fixed a schedule editor bug which would revert your changes to the end date input field during certain conditions.

August 28, 2021

Assigned Employees on Floorplans

The floor plan editor now shows employee names in the seat list for people with assigned seats, so that you can easily see who is assigned each seat.

Other Changes

  • We’ve squashed an issue where the weekly schedules calendar sometimes showed extra lines, blank spaces, or cutoff rows when people had multiple schedules on a day
  • Contact tracing is fixed for cases where the traced employee was scheduled in multiple different office locations over the traced dates

August 14, 2021

Interactive Floorplans

This is a big release! 🎉 We’re launching our top customer-requested feature, interactive floor plans. With this new tool you can:

  • See at a glance where team members are seated in the office, and who’s in office each day
  • Select which flexible seat to reserve from the floor plan
  • Admins can create assigned seats, flexible hotel desks, and blocked desks for social distancing
  • Seats can be grouped into zones to designate dedicated areas for employees or teams to reserve

This feature is available now to new customers, and rolling out to existing customers in phases. Contact [email protected] to learn more!

July 27, 2021

Vaccination Records

We have launched Vaccination Tracking. This optional feature allows admins to invite employees to report their vaccination status.

When you enable vaccination records for your organization, employees are notified on their Worksphere dashboard and may report their vaccination status, dates, and optionally upload images of their CDC vaccination record card. Admins can also save vaccination records for employees if they have that information. With this feature, you can track vaccination rates across all of your office locations.

Set this up for your organization

Other Improvements

  • Now, you can view your average and maximum office occupancy by location and over any time period. You can view this new report from your Reports page

June 13, 2021

Slack Integration

You can now integrate your Worksphere organization with Slack! Connect to receive Slack messages for wellness surveys and upcoming days in office. You can set up this integration by visiting the Integrations tab on your Settings page, then clicking “connect” beneath the Slack logo.

May 2, 2021

Choose your Office Location and Zone

We’ve updated in-office scheduling so your employees can select which office location and area they are working from. This will enable your employees to switch their seating assignment from their assigned seating zone to any other zone that is flexible and has capacity.

Apr 28, 2021

Worksphere now supports Microsoft ADFS for SAML. We’ve also squashed a few internal issues plus minor bugs related to free trials, including possible accidental $0 invoices sent in some cases after free trial expiration.

Apr 10, 2021

Capacity Utilization Report

You can now view your office capacity usage by month as well as by day in the capacity utilization report.

Other Changes

  • We’ve improved the responsiveness of the calendar page. Up-to-the-minute schedule changes and updates are now reflected more quickly.
  • Creating multi-day schedules now requires using the Recurring Schedule option. This let us speed up reports and makes it so creating and updating a multi-day schedule both work the same way—but if you miss how it worked before, we’d love to hear your feedback!

Mar 28, 2021

Floor Map Improvements

Viewing a floor map from the Employee Dashboard will now open the map in a dialog rather than a new browser tab.

Mar 9, 2021

Limited Capacity Improvements

Limited Capacity settings are now more flexible and can be set independently on Office, Floor and Zone levels.

HR Integrations

We are adding the ability to connect external HR systems to Worksphere. This lets you sync employees from your HR system into Worksphere. You can request an integration from your Settings page, and we’ll be in touch set it up!

Feb 26, 2021

Admin Dashboard

Organization admins can now view a dashboard of their own upcoming schedules and wellness surveys. Admins can view their dashboard by clicking the Dashboard tab on the landing page.

Other Improvements

  • Every email you receive from Worksphere now conveniently links to your personal dashboard.

Feb 15, 2021

Floor Maps

Organizations can now attach Floor Maps when configuring their Office. To add Floor Maps to an existing Office, click Edit on the Office and navigate to the Floor Maps setup step.

Employees will see a link to the Floor Map on their Dashboard in the Today and Tomorrow cards.

Other Improvements

  • Wellness survey emails now link to the Schedule to allow an Employee to easily opt-out.

Jan 30, 2021

Retake Wellness Surveys

If a wellness survey is submitted incorrectly the employee can now retake it. Press Retake Survey at the bottom of the results card.

If a survey is retaken, administrators see an asterisk next to the survey result with details. Email notifications for survey results are now on a 5 minute delay to allow employees to retake before a notification is sent.

Other Improvements

  • Upcoming days on the employee dashboard have a better card layout on mobile devices, along with a few other visual fixes.
  • It’s now easer to login when clicking emails from Worksphere. Your email will be prefilled on the login form to sign in.
  • Organizations using SSO can restrict what sign in options are shown to users. For example, an organization can turn off Login with Google for their company and only show their company supported SSO.

Jan 25, 2021

Employee Dashboard

When employees log into Worksphere they’ll now see a dashboard of upcoming days in-office and can quickly take their wellness survey.

Survey Builder

Organizations can now customize their wellness survey with their own health screening questions. Admins can find the survey editor under the Settings screen.

Notification Settings

The Settings screen now also lets you adjust the email notifications you receive. The new default is to only receive notifications for your own schedules (that you create), and for schedules that an admin or manager creates (with you on the schedule). Admins and managers can enable additional notifications for people they manage or the entire organization.

Other Fixes

  • We’ve changed how creating non-recurring schedules spanning multiple days works, so that it creates a recurring event per day instead of a single event spanning days. This way you can opt-out or delete a single day. We’re planning additional improvements to make this more intuitive.
  • Email subjects for admin notifications now include the date and employee the notification is about.
  • You can no longer delete a Floor if employees are assigned to it.

Jan 10, 2021

SSO Improvements

We’ve improved the experience for organizations using Okta SAML-based Single Sign On (SSO). Opening Worksphere from Okta now takes employees directly into the Worksphere app. When employees accept email invites to join Worksphere they no longer see a password prompt, since it is unused for SSO.

Other Fixes

  • In Worksphere emails clicking anywhere on a button now works, instead of just the words.
  • You can now click View Employees from the capacity report to see who is in-office.
  • Fixed floor and zone filters to consistently filter out data on all reports.
  • Fixed date formatting in wellness survey emails to no longer show lefthand zeros.

Jan 2, 2021

Wellness Survey List

Organization admins can review who’s scheduled in-office alongside whether or not they’ve completed a Wellness Survey for the day.

Office Capacity Utilization

We’ve added charts of current office capacity, scheduled employee count over time, plus a detailed Office Capacity Utilization data report.

Employee Opt Out

You can now opt-out of schedules. It’s a great way to let people know you won’t be in for a scheduled day, or to opt-out for all days forward. You can also opt back in as needed.

Other fixes

  • An issue updating schedules for offices nearing their capacity limit is fixed. It incorrectly warned there was no capacity. 

Dec 19, 2020

Wellness surveys are now available to everyone, under the Survey tab in the app. The questions are CDC recommended COVID-19 Screening Questions, but if you’d like your own let us know at [email protected]


Dec 16, 2020

Wellness Survey Beta

A closed beta of wellness surveys is now available. This automatically emails a wellness survey link to people scheduled in-office, and reminds them to fill it out if they forget. We will roll out additional features in the weeks ahead for admins to review who did not complete the survey, see an overview of pass / fail outcomes, and customize surveys.

Worksphere does not store or transmit any individual question answers. Only the outcome on whether or not a person can come into the office is saved. This allows your organization to stay compliant with privacy regulations.

Other fixes

  • In-app cookie notification will no longer briefly flash onscreen before login / signup screens.
  • In-app cookie notification link to privacy policy corrected.

Dec 10, 2020

Public Launch

We’re thrilled to announce the public launch of Worksphere! Thanks to all of our customers in our closed beta, and we hope you join them in creating a safe and flexible workplace. Learn Why We Created Worksphere and sign up for a free trial today.

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