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Visitor Management SYstem

Streamline Your Front Desk Experience

Welcome visitors to your offices, keep track of safety and security needs, and save your team's time -- all while creating a great first impression.

How it works

Make keeping track of visitors easy for your team

Welcome guests with a seamless check-in

Your visitors can check-in at the front desk or on their own device by scanning a QR code.

Set custom screening criteria

Set up an automated COVID-19 screening questionnaire for on-site visitors and ensure your entry criteria are met.

Automatically notify hosts of guest arrival

Save front desk time by automatically notifying employees when their guest arrives.

Manage security with detailed visitor logs

Securely capture and store visitor information for easy retrieval. Export data in a few clicks.

easy to use and manage

Simplify your front desk visitor and vendor workflow

Easy to set up

Go live in less than a day. Worksphere provides complimentary onboarding support, so you can get answers quickly.

Instant host notifications

Say goodbye to tracking down employees when their guests arrive. With automatic notifications, you can focus on visitor experience.

Modernize your reception area

Upgrade from pen and paper to digital. Guests can scan a QR code or use your kiosk for a self-serve experience.

Simplify your front desk experience for visitors
Visitor Log

Reduce safety and security risks

Screen visitors for health & safety

Set office entry criteria and automatically have visitors fill out a custom questionnaire on arrival.

Be prepared in advance

Know who is expected, when, and why in advance. Securely collect visitor contact information and details.

Detailed reporting

Guest details are stored digitally in the visitor log, which is easy to reference in an evacuation, emergency, or for contact tracing.

Create a Welcoming workplace for visitors

Create a great first impression

Reduce wait times

Employees know immediately when their visitors arrive, so they can greet guests promptly.

Focus on the guest, not on notifying your team

When hosts get notified automatically, there’s more time to focus on the guest experience.

Stay on-brand

Your brand is important. Worksphere makes it easy to showcase your logo and create a professional look.

Automate notifications example

Elevate your guest experience today

your digital access hub for employees, guests, and vendors
your office digital access hub

Worksphere can manage all your workplace needs

Interactive Floorplans

Select a desk and view where your teammates are seated from your mobile device or computer.

Desk Hoteling and Hotdesking

Reserve desks in advance for single days or on a recurring schedule. Give your team flexibility to improve productivity and collaboration.

See Who's in Office

Your team can easily view who's planning to be in so they can collaborate effectively.

Assigned Seating

Designate which seats are assigned to employees or groups. Easily view or update assignments as needed.

Office Use Analytics

Know who is using the office and when. Improve your office layout and right-size your space with data on office usage.

Employee Vaccination Records

Securely track the immunity status of your workforce. Automate the process of collecting proof of vaccination and calculating immunity dates.

Office Contact Tracing

Quickly identify who may have been exposed to sick employees. Provide fast and accurate reporting as needed to meet local guidelines.

Automated Health Screening

Screen for COVID-19 symptoms with a custom questionnaire. Block symptomatic employees from scheduling in office.

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